Create your soul-filled life


Hi there!

I’m Jude, aka the Verdant Mystic.

I love supporting people like you to achieve their dreams and create their soul-filled life.

If you’re wanting to deepen your life and discover new things about yourself and how you can get along in the world, I’m here to help you!

I offer:

✾  life coaching with a shamanic twist – one-to-one sessions that support you to create your soul-filled life

tarot readings – written readings to help you tune into your soul & the energy that surrounds you

land healing – a specialist long-distance service to resolve energetic issues that may be affecting your home & the land around you


We’ll work well together if:

✾ You’re tired of the same old ‘just work harder’ routine,
✾ You’re longing for something more: something deeper and richer (and I don’t mean just chocolate),
✾ You’re willing to get vulnerable even when it gets scary,
✾ You’re open to getting a bit spiritual.


My clients say...

“This was a wonderful reading – thoughtful, beautifully written and incredibly insightful.
Jude’s words were gentle (even though the cards weren’t!) and grounded,
so I was able to apply them to my situation in a really practical way.”  

“Jude is amazing!
We bought our house 1.5 years ago and it has always felt very toxic to me.
The energy in the house was stagnant, heavy, and dirty.
I would often dread coming home and there were areas of the house I hated to be.
I didn’t tell Jude any of this before our session but her report was spot on.
I can already feel things shifting
and have a pile of great ideas I can implement to improve the process.
Thanks Jude!”  

“Jude was very kind and understanding and I felt so comfortable telling her about my creepy encounters.
She identified and cleared the negative energy, shared wonderful insights about the good energy, and helped heal the whole neighbourhood from the oppressive energy here.
Ever since my daughter hasn’t been scared to go upstairs, and I’ve felt so much more at ease!!”  

Sometimes I struggle to write

In which I attempt to write this blog post…

I had all kinds of bright ideas about what I was going to write this week – but then I woke up & they were gone…

So, you get this post instead. I do have a couple of other posts brewing, but they aren’t quite ready to be written yet.

And I said I was going to be honest and real, so, yeah… you get this post instead…


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