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Welcome, dear soul!

Welcome home!

Welcome home to your soul…

I see you

… buried beneath piles of shoulds and oughts

I see you

… fighting for breath under layers of being sensible

I see you

… struggling to find your own way

… your own voice

… your own SOUL

I see you

What if there was another way?

What if there was…

… a path that led away from that well-trodden highway of sensible shoulds?

… a path wide enough for you, weaving between trees and across meadows, meandering beside streams, ambling through mountains and seashores?

… a path made just for you – lit by your soul, navigated by your bones, made clear by your inner knowing?

… a path full of joy and adventure?

… a path waiting to carry you on a lifelong journey of exploration and transformation?

Your soul path awaits you, dear one.

Will you start your journey?

If you’re ready to step onto your soul path, then I’m ready for you…

I’m Jude

I am the Verdant Mystic

I am a soul coach, a word witch, a knower of bones…

I walk the path my soul leads me down, and I am here to help you walk your soul’s path.

I can help you clear your way and find your path home – home to your soul.

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