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Who I am

Kia ora! Hello!

I’m  Jude.

I am the Verdant Mystic.

I am a mystic: a soul worker, a word witch, a knower of bones…

I walk the path my soul leads me down, and I am here to help you walk your soul’s path.

I can help you clear your way and find your path home – home to your soul.

What do I mean by 'mystic'?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a mystic is someone who:

“…seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.”

Which is really quite a mouthful!

For me, being a mystic means I have close direct connections with the unseen spiritual world. And I use those connections intuitively to help people in this physical world. I am a kind of mediator or connection point between the seen and the unseen.

How did I become a mystic?

Basically, I was born this way! This tendency was within me all along…

I remember as a child going outside in the evenings to try and hear the stories the birds were telling at dusk – and being upset that I couldn’t quite make out the words.

In my teens, I grew into skills that my church called ‘prophecy’: words and images would come from outside me and flow through to touch others.

Later, I left the church. In the wake of divorce, my understanding and my questions grew beyond its teaching. I found solace in the tales of the Celtic hermits, who lived in solitude and found the divine in nature. This then evolved into the pagan path I have followed for the past twenty years.

 My spirituality is a hugely important part of my life (as you may have guessed!)

I regard myself as an eclectic pagan: I don’t follow a particular path like druidry or Wicca; I work intuitively with what works for me; and I’m comfortable working with spirit ‘colleagues’ from a wide-range of cultures/pantheons. My current primary devotion is to the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bast. But I work with many other deities and spirits, too (they just don’t get the fancy altar…)

My skills and understanding continue to grow and evolve – and I expect this to continue until I die (and probably beyond then, too!)

What else?

I’m a non-binary woman. My pronouns are she/her. Please don’t call me a lady! I’m really not!!

I live with my male spouse, our twin teenage sons, and the cat formerly known as the neighbours (aka Ms Tiffany Scrumptious).

I am a huge cat lover. If you go for a walk with me, I will want to stop and greet any cats we see! And, yes, some of my daily schedule does revolve around the requirements of Ms Tiffany.

I grew up close to the sea, and require regular walks on the seashore to replenish my soul.

I love knitting, reading, and a few too many phone games.

I get enthusiastic about nice yarn, world history, house plants, chocolate and craft beer (both dark, please).


My colourful past includes time spent as a puppeteer, belly dancer & teacher, and public servant.

My lively present includes trying to create the perfect steampunk costume for my airship captain persona, and playing clarinet in a local concert band.

Want to get to know me better?