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Renovate Your Energy

Are you ready to transform?

“an empowering course, that enabled me to look at my spiritual life from a different perspective.”

Renovate your personal energy, and learn meditation & energy work techniques.

RENOVATE YOUR ENERGY is designed for people like YOU.

People who:

  • are curious about spirituality and energy
  • like to set their own pace
  • want to heal themselves and take charge of their own lives.

I’ll be your guide chakra-by-chakra, but you set the pace.

I call this “empowered self-study’: you get all the tools, resources & support you need, AND you get the freedom to fit your learning to your life & your needs.

You get permanent access to the course and community – you can take as long as you like, and return to the modules over and over again whenever you choose.

I love this course! It is both simple and profound. Don’t underestimate the shifts that can happen when you start healing your own energy!

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Course outline:

We use visualisation meditations to enable you to explore and heal your own energy.

Eight modules take you through your energy chakra by chakra & beyond – and there’s bonus material, too!

Each module includes information, a worksheet, and a meditation.

A dedicated Facebook group provides an encouraging community for support.

AND Your course fee gives you permanent access to this group and the course materials.

I found this a very worthwhile course, which opened up new ways of thinking spiritually from those I was used to: Judeo-Christian. What I have experienced, and continue to experience, has already enhanced my spiritual outlook. I look forward to that continuing. “

Clive Smith, New Zealand


What is a chakra?
The word ‘chakra’ comes from the Ayurvedic healing system of India.

It refers to the energy centres of your body: those points where your energy can be assessed and adjusted for healing. Ayurveda uses many chakras throughout the body.

This course uses the simplified Western system of chakras: seven major energy centres that run up the centre of your body.

How do I find my chakras?
Don’t worry! You’ll learn how to do this in the course.

Do I need to know how to meditate?
You’ll learn meditation techniques during the course. You don’t need to have meditated before.

What if I can’t feel my own energy?
Just because you can’t easily feel it, doesn’t mean it’s not there 😉

I’ll lead you through visualisations that will help you tune in to your own energy right from the start.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to access this course?
Preferably. The course Facebook group gives you a supportive community to do this work.

But I can’t do visualisations…
If your brain isn’t geared up to visualise, then this probably isn’t the right course for you. Please contact me to chat about other ways of doing this work.

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