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Dealing with the ‘bleh’ days

Bleh days

In which I endeavour to recover from an attack of ‘bleh’…

‘Bleh’ days happen.

Those days when you feel unreasonably antsy, niggled, weary and… well… just plain ‘bleh’.

Yep, those days.

They happen to all of us.

You wandering along through life happily, actively, getting stuff done, then you wake up one morning with only the energy to sigh heavily and play phone games…

It happens!

And you find yourself wondering…

Where did this come from?

‘Bleh’ days often seem to strike out of the blue. Life may be good, and suddenly ‘BLEH’ 😝.

Where did that come from?

I have a mental check-list I run through in these moments:

  • Have I been eating okay?
  • What about sleep?
  • What have I been doing lately?
  • Have I been around known energy drains?
  • How is my grounding?
  • Is it a grey day?
  • Is the house getting cluttered?
  • Am I lonely? Or ‘over-peopled’?
  • Am I bored?

Sometimes it is all of these! I find for myself that it is often a custom blend of feeling bored, a messy house, and having done a lot of stuff on previous days, usually with a side of tiredness.

You’ll probably have your own special blend – get to know it. Because once you know it, it is easier to take measures to de-bleh yourself…

Getting over the ‘bleh’

Knowing what’s driving your ‘bleh’ day is the key to getting over the ‘bleh’.

If you’re feeling lonely, then catching up with a friend (the happy chatty one, not the drama-laden draining one) might help.

If you haven’t been eating well, it might be time for a veg-laden salad.

Maybe a nap is called for? Or at least a gentle day, rather than lots of big doings…

Maybe your home needs a tidy-up? Or that little niggly cleaning task just needs doing? Um, yeah…😶

Maybe you just need to blast some tunes…

Do a bit of brainstorming and see what ideas you can come up with to get yourself moving again (without beating yourself up or destroying yourself – no, really). What would help you feel satisfied with the day (rather than niggled by it)?

Keep it small. Keep it gentle. Keep it readily doable.

My ‘bleh’ day today

This morning (yep, there’s a reason I’m writing this post today!), I identified that I was feeling tired after a busy week, totally bored with my current knitting project and my current wardrobe ‘uniform’, and I hadn’t been sleeping so well (thank you, full moon 🙄).

Here’s what I identified as potential fixes:

  • do my child’s pose meditation
  • knit a more interesting project
  • have a shower
  • find some wardrobe inspiration on Pinterest
  • tidy up the rumpus room
  • write this blog post
  • rest

I’ve done the meditation, some tidying, and the Pinterest thing (and now I writing the blog post).

I still feel a bit weary and low ebb, but I am also now feeling satisfied with my day.

And that satisfied feeling chases the worst of the ‘bleh’ away 😊

✾ ✾ ✾

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