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THE MYSFITS is a magical community for exploration & transformation, hosted on Facebook.
Open to people of all colours of the rainbow, this is a safe space to explore the a spiritual in everyday life – and beyond!

Part of the work I do is healing the impact of humans on this land we call home. I’d love YOUR help (through this Facebook group) to do more and bigger healing, to help heal our world and ourselves.

Each month, we focus our energy on one place and work together to bring love & healing to that place. I’ll ride the energy we generate to do focused energetic & spiritual healing of that land.
Come & join me!

New Moon readings

On or about each New Moon, I email out a group tarot/oracle card reading to help folks navigate the coming moon cycle. 

You can subscribe below for the free summary and news update, or pop over to my Patreon to get the full card-by-card reading from just US$1 each month (there are other rewards available there, too!)

AND as a special bonus, you’ll get access to Grounding 101 – my short course that teaches you this key skill for managing your personal energy!

Learn from these amazing women and non-binary me! This summit (recorded 21 January 2019) covers a wide range of spiritual and holistic topics.

The live event is over, but you can still register to access the recording (and get some bonuses!!) Register here!

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