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Holiday reading – a year of blogging in review

Image of a bookshelf with words: it's time for some reading!

Here’s my pick for my top 9 posts of 2017 (because 10 is so overdone… 😉) for your holiday reading…

In no particular order:

Increase the joy in your life – Three ways to tap into joy during crazy festive times

When dreams change – Our dreams will change and grow as we do. It’s okay to review and make changes.

Creating quiet – Some tips that may help you recover from a surfeit of festivities (which also ties into this month’s New Moon reading: it’s time to be your own guiding light…)

Everything happens for a reason. Really? – A wee rant about unhelpful platitudes…

Listening to the land – Suggestions for building a relationship with the landscape wherever you are

When the clouds roll in – Some reflections on managing depression

Tuning into yourself – Some techniques you can use to listen to the voice of your soul

The start is not the end – We all start as beginners (even me!) It’s where we take it from there that’s the fun bit…

And, last but not least, if you’re keen to get into some planning and journalling over the holidays, why not have a go with my Getting Started series?!

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