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Live Bold

Live Bold

In which I talk about my solar plexus and learning to live bold

My journey of starting to live bold began with a Facebook post.

Kerry Rowett posted a pic of her wee lad choosing a chakra card. It was a solar plexus card. And I thought to myself “That’s funny. I don’t recall ever drawing a solar plexus card for myself.”

Now I was pretty damned sure that the reason for this wasn’t that I didn’t have any solar plexus blocks! I’m not that highly evolved!! 😜

So I looked at my chakra card deck, and went through the cards. There weren’t any solar plexus cards in my deck. Not a one. I was so blocked up and locked down that I’d blocked my self from even having the cards!! And I’ve had this deck for over a year before I’d noticed…

Kerry kindly put a new deck (with all the cards!) in the post. And I dug into my solar plexus…

So, how to go about that?

Step 1: Gather information

In this case, I chose to phone a friend. No, really.

This was too big and too deeply buried for me to be able to figure it easily on my own.

First, I popped in and chatted to the owner of my local crystal shop who is also a great energy worker. She was able to identify a huge block plugging up my whole chakra and give me some tips and products for removing it. If I’d had any doubts about the blockage, walking into her shop and seeing solar plexus mandalas and yellow stones all around removed that!

Then, I phoned my BFF and fellow shaman for additional insight.

Only then, did I start poking at it…

Step 2: Get grounded

Whenever I’m doing energy work or spirit work, I start by centring and grounding. This connects me to myself and the world around me and gives me a good base to move forward from.

Step 3: Get more help

I knew from the information I’d been kindly given in step 1 that I wasn’t going to be able to heal this alone. So, I asked my guides and spirit friends for their help.

Step 4: Beginning the healing

Ahhh, the fun stuff! (Not actually fun)

The initial healing was complex – deeply rooted stuff is hard to shift. This block was well embedded with some nasty hooks. This really wasn’t something I could treat successfully by myself. My job was to sit still and let my spirit friends get to work.

One of the hardest things for me is to sit back and let others work on my energy. I like to be in there myself fixing it up. But I am learning to put my ego aside and accept help  – sometimes, at least!

Step 5: Feeling the results

This is where it gets fun!

After the initial healing work was complete, I noticed a huge surge of energy and confidence. I was able to act more decisively and actually feel my own worth and power. That’s when I created the wee poster that is the picture for this post – it’s up on my pinboard as a reminder.

Step 6: Keeping it going

This is where learning to live bold begins. It’s easy to make a poster. Actually living it is another matter!

Getting an energy healing to ‘stick’ takes more than a healing session. You have to learn how to live with a new energy flow. It’s very easy to slide back into old habits and old flows. Establishing the new routes solidly takes time.

For me, that looks like a mix of vigilance, physiotherapy (to sort the physical aspects of the block), and tuning into myself through tarot, journalling and alignment. It means paying attention to my patterns of thought & feeling, and intervening when I fall into my old ways. It means practising doing things the way I want to, not the way I used to.

Every choice I make moves me closer to or further away from my chosen path. I am learning to check in with myself and consider who I want to be and become before I choose. Sometimes I get it wrong, and sometimes I get it oh so right… And I keep on trying and considering and learning.

It’s only been weeks since my healing, and the block was there for years. I have to accept that healing fully will take time, and that my learning and practice will ebb and flow. I will keep working (and, yes, it is work) to establish this new flow and let confidence and energy flow through my life…

I am curious to see where this newly-cleared road leads. That helps me keep going and keep doing the work. 😊

✾ ✾ ✾

The steps above are essentially what I follow for all the energy work I do. Sometimes Steps 1 & 2 will switch around, when I need to gather information on the energetic or spirit levels (always ground before going in!)

While all the steps are necessary, when it comes to healing myself, I put most of the weight of my energy into step 6. Otherwise, all the prior work is of little use.

And you know what?

I’m still a work in progress!

And I always will be!

I keep taking steps along the way, but there’s still plenty of path ahead of me – and that’s how I like it 😎

✾ ✾ ✾

If you are curious about energy work, or suspect you have blocks (it’s okay – we all do!) I’d be delighted to walk with you as you explore. Get in touch and let’s chat 😊

And, if you’re in Wellington, keep an eye out for news about my new course “Meditating through the chakras”. More information coming soon! Keen to know more? Email me!