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The Mysfits

THE MYSFITS is a magical community for exploration & transformation, hosted by Jude the Verdant Mystic on Facebook.

This free community is a safe space for people of all colours of the rainbow to explore the spiritual in our everyday lives – and beyond!

Our principles

* Be kind
* Be open-minded and open-hearted
* Be inclusive
* Bring your curiosity, not judgement
* Listen first
* Show respect for other people
* Don’t punch down
* Own your own reactions
* Walk your own path & let others walk theirs

This community is a SAFE space. If anyone disrespects the community principles (see above), they will generally first be warned & given opportunity to amend their ways (expect in extreme situations); further incidents will lead to being banned from this community.

Weekly themed threads

💜 MAGICAL MONDAY – where we set our intentions for the week ahead
💙 SHARING WEDNESDAY – link sharing & community building – and the space where those of us with businesses are welcome to share our offers (Note: if you have offers you wish to share separately, please contact the admins. Spam posts will be deleted)
❤️ FRIYAY! – celebrating all we’ve been & done during the week
💚 SATURDAY RECHARGE – a weekly reminder to actually rest!

In and around these threads, we will be conversing, discussing, teaching & supporting each other. I’ll pop up LIVE on occasion – and so can you! This is your community!

Keen to join?

Hit the button below & it will take you to THE MYSFITS Facebook page (you’ll need to have a Facebook account to join) – select “join group” & answer the questions to apply to join.