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Land Healing


Something wrong in your neighbourhood?

Weird vibes in your house?

Strange feeling spots on your property?

Kids or pets afraid of a room?

Wherever you are in the world, my long-distance land healing service can help you!



Sometimes your surroundings need a bit of support

  • Something wrong in your neighbourhood?
  • Weird vibes in your house?
  • Strange feeling spots on your property?
  • Kids or pets afraid of a room?

I can help you…

… wherever you are in the world.

From my home in New Zealand, I have carried out successful land healings in places around the world including the UK, the USA and Australia, as well as other parts of New Zealand. Geographical distance doesn’t affect this work.

I can tune in to your place, assess the situation, come up with a treatment plan, do some fixes, and give you tips to help your home stay healthy.


“Jude is amazing!
We bought our house 1.5 years ago and it has always felt very toxic to me.
The previous owner had cancer and before that their work dealt with trauma victims.
The energy in the house was stagnant, heavy, and dirty. I would often dread coming home and there were areas of the house I hated to be.
I am an empath and I started struggling. I felt like I was treading water all the time. Never getting anywhere.
I didn’t tell Jude any of this before our session but her report was spot on.
I can already feel things shifting and have a pile of great ideas I can implement to improve the process.
Thanks Jude!”

Beth Bunchman, USA


When is land healing useful?

The land we live on has seen a lot. River flows, roading projects, human habitation and history all leave their energetic imprints on the world around us.

Some places feel rich with sacred joy. Other places feel strangely empty and barren, or outright creepy and terrifying! And that creepy place might be your house…

It is these uneasy places that land healing helps.


Symptoms of a place that may benefit from land healing:

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but is indicative of the kinds of things clients have reported, and that I have on occasion lived through myself:

  • odd cold spots
  • areas you don’t like to linger in
  • rooms your child or pet refuses to sleep in
  • a sense of wrongness or things being “out-of-kilter”
  • seeing moving shadows out of the corner of your eye
  • stories of ghosts or spirits or curses
  • a higher turnover of owners than is usual for that area
  • a sense of being cursed – things going wrong all the time (especially if that has happened to previous residents, too)
  • things “jumping” off shelves or moving themselves (more than absent-mindedness would allow)
  • “negative synchronicity” – everything seems to be working against you in a way it didn’t before you moved in
  • a sense of greyness or flatness


“Jude was very kind and understanding.
I felt so comfortable telling her about my creepy encounters.
She identified and cleared the negative energy, shared wonderful insights about the good energy, and helped heal the whole neighbourhood from the oppressive energy here.
Ever since my daughter hasn’t been scared to go upstairs, and I’ve felt so much more at ease!!
Thank you so much for your services, you’re amazing!!”

Nique, USA

How does it work?

Step 1: You place your order, and give me your physical address and permission to investigate. (Note: you need to be the owner or official resident/tenant of the property, or have their consent.)

Step 2: I investigate. I do this with using a mix of technology, intuition and shamanic techniques. Google Maps (yes, really!) gives me a first “read” on the situation – the flow of the land and roads and rivers, and an initial energetic impression of your property.

I then prepare to journey to your property on the spirit plane – including asking permission of the spirits of your country and area to do this work. Once there, I explore your property and interact with local land spirits, ghosts, energy flows, and so forth… With the help of my spirit friends, I will heal any issues in your immediate neighbourhood (sometimes the issue isn’t actually on your property).

Step 3: I report back to you by email and inform you what my investigation uncovered and the steps I have taken to resolve issues. I may also offer you advice on what you can do to further improve things.


What happens after a land healing?

Usually people experience immediate and noticeable relief from all of the creepy symptoms. Your home should feel like home – with clear energy and no ickiness (it’s a technical term 😉)

Sometimes I will suggest things you can do to continue to improve the situation. For example: bury a certain type of stone in a particular place; plant a tree of a certain kind; put some biscuits out for the land spirits (and birds!)

On rare occasions, there will be issues I am unable to heal. Things like ancient river flows, the position of roads and power lines, and the way the wind & weather work on the topography of your property cannot be changed! If this is the case, I will make suggestions for mitigating the situation, so you can live with it more easily and manage it into the future.


What I don’t do

  • Give advice on property valuation.
  • Heal relationships. While this work may help ease poor relationship dynamics that have been caused by the land issues, the vast majority of relationship issues are about people, not the land. I recommend professional relationship counselling.
  • Fix pipes, dodgy electrics, or other physical issues. There are plenty of skilled tradesfolk who’ll be happy to help you. If you’re in New Zealand, check out NoCowboys or BuildersCrack to find someone who can help.
  • Heal people or animals. My work heals the land, and only indirectly the people who live with it. I can’t heal your kid or your dog or your terminal illness. Sorry.
  • Visit in-person. I have not yet found anything that I can heal more successfully in-person than long-distance. In fact, proximity can make it harder to deal with energetic issues as I get swept into them, too.


You are also welcome to contact me for a free no-obligation chat about your situation:


Do you need a land healing, but can’t afford it?

We can set up a payment plan for you, or come to some other arrangement (including barter). Talk to me! Please!!