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Reflecting on February

Life is a journey

I nearly called this post “getting over myself” because that really feels like what February has been about for me!

I spent the first part of this month feeling so efficient and energetic. I was being so conscious and deliberate! I was so on top of things! I was so onto it!

Then New Moon came along…


Since New Moon, I’ve been feeling more chaotic and fragile than I like. Because of that, I’ve been diving deep into some energetic alignment work to heal my soul and get over myself. In some wry twist of the universe, I’ve also been more productive!

It has definitely been a reminder that life is a journey and not a destination!

It’s also been a sharp poke in the posterior to honour myself as I am and speak with my own voice. I don’t have to change myself or hide myself to be a ‘proper’ businessperson or shaman or anything. What makes me valuable is me: my skills, my experience, my talents, my odd sense of humour, my voice – and maybe one day I’ll even remember that!

So, let me fill you in on a few more details of what’s been going on around here through February and what you can look forward to in March & beyond.

What’s been happening…


This was a challenge for all of us to remember to take a few deep breaths each day to allow our bodies to relax.

I started off with great diligence and ended up in an erratic mess – anyone else?!

I do think I now have breathing more consciously integrated into my day (at least, I hope so!)

And I do feel calmer and happier in my body these days. I’m also sleeping better. Though these may also have been helped by dropping caffeine from my diet.

Goodbye, caffeine

Early in the month, I read that caffeine and being an introvert is not a good mix. I’m very strongly introverted, so I decided to stop caffeine for one week and see what happened.

I confess I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t make much difference, so I could go back to my usual habits!

I spent the first couple of days becoming aware of just how tired I was. With nothing to mask that, napping when needed has become an essential part of my week. While I enjoy the honesty of not pushing on through and I am aware that this way of living is much much better for my body and brain, it does have its inconveniences – mainly because life seems geared up for good little productive cogs, rather than natural rhythms (but that’s a rant for another time).

My energy levels have now settled into this new rhythm. Mostly, I have a bit more energy and am clear-headed. and when I’m not, I know I’m hungry or tired.

10 days of alignment

As you may be aware, I’m a big fan of Kerry Rowett of Awaken Kinesiology and her Align+Attract process (affiliate link). One idea that came up in the Align+Attract community was to work with the same alignment for ten days and see what layers of energetic block you could shift.

I decided to do this with an alignment around my ability/willingness to receive, and found it both fascinating and intense. I even got into some intergenerational energy work.

I am curious to see how this energy clearance unfolds over the coming weeks.

I found the process so valuable that I’ve just started another 10 days on a more business-related alignment – watch this space!

Daily tarot

I’ve used tarot regularly for sometime now and enjoyed doing challenges on Instagram and so on to build my practice.

Through Instagram and @danceofthesoul.tarot, I discovered a great three card spread that I’m now using as a daily pull. It is simply a card each for Embrace – Release -Focus.

I’m using my beloved Mystical Cats Tarot for these readings and really enjoying going deeper into the energy of myself and how I interact with my day.

Studio revamp

New bedroom furniture (much excite!) meant I could move my big scotch chest down to use as storage in my studio.  Which in turn meant I could streamline my studio/office space. This makes for a happy Jude 😊

The chest now holds all my fabric and yarn (I prefer a small stash) as well as a tonne of other bits & pieces. I got rid of a big pile of stuff I’ve moved beyond. And I have even more floor space for dancing and hooping!

There’s still a couple of bits of furniture to sort out and then I’ll be ready to share pics.

Goals with Soul

We have started the first round of the Goals with Soul course I’ve developed with my friend and colleague Karen King. And it’s going even better than we hoped 😀😀😀

We are already thinking about what will happen with this next. I’ll keep you posted on that.

✾ ✾ ✾

What’s coming…

Readings with the Mystical Cats Tarot

I’ve now added my beloved Mystical Cats Tarot to the decks you can choose for your three and four card readings.

So if you’ve been watching my Instagram feed and thinking you want some of this fur for yourself, now you can have it!

The return of weekly blogging

Yes! Really!

I have now gotten over myself enough to want to write again!

So, you’ll be getting weekly blog posts from now on 😊

For March, this will include

  • an introduction to my Mystical Cats Tarot deck (as I’m now offering readings with it 🐱)
  • my usual quarterly round-up of what I’ve been reading
  • and some other posts I haven’t decided on yet.

A mystery project

I am plotting and planning something cool that I’ll share with you later this year…

Hint: it may help you a bit spiritual…

And that’s all I’m telling right now 😉

✾ ✾ ✾

Well, that’s enough about me! How are you? How has February been for you? Did you try #dailybreath2018? What’s going on in your life?

I love to hear from you – drop me an email or pop a comment or message on my Facebook page.

✾ ✾ ✾