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What I do

I offer a range of services to help the weary traveller through life (that’s you!)
navigate their way home to their souls.

Mentoring (one-to-one)

I can help you navigate your way to a transformed life.

Using a customised mix of traditional life coaching, energy work, and spirit work, we’ll work together to get you to where you long to be.

Price: 45 minutes NZ$90; 90 minutes NZ$180

Renovate Your Energy – online course

Renovate your personal energy, and learn meditation & energy work techniques.

RENOVATE YOUR ENERGY is designed for people like YOU. People who:

  • are curious about spirituality and energy
  • like to set their own pace
  • want to heal themselves and take charge of their own lives.

I’ll be your guide chakra-by-chakra, but you set the pace.

Course fee: NZ$350

Land healing

My specialist long-distance healing service for your home & neighbourhood.

If you’re suffering from weird vibes, ghosties, or other oddness, this is the service for you!

I can heal your place, so you can enjoy living there.

Price per session: NZ$180

Interested in a service, but can’t afford it right now?

Message me and we will sort something out for you: payment plans, barter arrangements and more are all possible.

Let’s NOT let money get in your way!