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From 31 July 2018, I will no longer be offering personal tarot readings.

(I will still be doing my card of the week videos on Facebook, my New Moon readings (subscribe at the bottom of the page), and giving an annual reading to my $5+ patrons on Patreon.)

Connect to your intuition with a personal tarot reading

Illuminate your life (or an aspect of it) with a personal tarot reading – available from my shop.

Have a browse and see what suits you. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please get in touch. I would be delighted to build a custom reading to meet your needs.

If you want to check out my work, have a look at my card of the week on Facebook (hint: look for the card of the week playlists). I also email a short general tarot reading to my subscribers every New Moon. You can subscribe using the box at the bottom of the page 👇

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How does it work?

Step 1: You choose the deck and the theme from the options in my shop and place your order.

I offer the themes of:

  • a general overview
  • love and relationships
  • business/career

In my experience, a broad theme tends to work better than a specific question. It can be difficult to frame questions in a way that leaves you open to all the opportunities and energy around you. If you do have a specific question, you are welcome to email this to when you place your order.

Step 2: I pick up the deck you have chosen and (keeping your theme in mind) shuffle, cut and pull the cards. I photograph the spread and each card.

Step 3: I write you a written report which gets emailed to you as .pdf file. This report includes:

  • a covering letter about the reading,
  • photographs of the spread and each card,
  • my intuitive interpretation of each card,
  • my intuitive narrative of the spread, and
  • some questions you may choose to muse on.

I prefer to prepare written reports rather than video or audio. I find these are simpler to review repeatedly – and, if you print them out, you can journal all over them! If written reports are not accessible for you, please contact me before ordering and we can discuss options.

Step 4: You receive your written reading!

This will usually be in your inbox within a few days (depending on my other commitments). If there is going to be a delay, I will contact you to see if you wish to proceed with your order.

You will be invited to give me feedback on the reading and how it works for you. I encourage you to engage your intuition and research skills as you read (that’s one reason why I include pictures of the cards): you know your own circumstances and may pick up nuances and messages beyond my interpretation.

I am happy to answer any initial questions about the interpretation – but I can’t make the cards say something they don’t!

Be aware that tarot cards do seem to have a gift of poking at things we’d rather they didn’t! If you’re not open to that, then a reading may not be the best choice for you.

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How do I work?

My readings offer intuitive insight for the current shape of your life, not a divination of what will happen in your future.

I’m a shaman and mystic, so your reading isn’t a recital from a guidebook (though I do refer to guidebooks in my work).

As part of pulling your cards, I tune into your guides and energies and ask them to help me help you. My own spirit friends will offer their insight to me as well. I always ask for insight to support your greatest good and best self 💛

So, what you get in your written report is a mix of my knowledge, experience and intuition, AND the channelled wisdom given to me as I prepare your reading. Sometimes this can feel to me like dictation or words dropping in my head, other times it’s more like a committee discussion!

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What I don’t do…

  • Redo readings if you are unhappy with my interpretation. You are welcome to use your own knowledge, intuition and research skills to draw your own conclusions. I’ve given you mine.
  • Read for highly specific questions that are angling for a specific answer. If you know what you want to hear, save your money and roll with what you know you want!
  • Give refunds for delivered readings (see the first point in this list).
  • Provide therapy to you after your reading.
  • If you want some coaching, you can request to become one of my coaching clients. If you need professional therapeutic help, please go find that. Readings are not a substitute for medical support or professional counselling.
  • Give medical advice for physical or mental health (see above).
  • Give lottery numbers! My readings are about the energetic trends in your life, not predictions for your future.

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Previous clients say…

“Jude has such great, gentle yet powerful energy!  I received a Tarot Card reading from her and it was SPOT ON!  The reading was emailed and included photos of the cards as well as an in-depth interpretation.  The cards gave me insight into things to consider.  The reading also gave me confirmation on ways I’d been feeling and things I’d been going through.  Having both the insight and confirmation from the card reading helped me see that I am on the right track!”

Jyll Hoyrup, Intuitive Healer and Coach, Belize

“This was a wonderful reading – thoughtful, beautifully written and incredibly insightful. Jude’s words were gentle (even though the cards weren’t!) and grounded, so I was able to apply them to my situation in a really practical way. Thank you so much, Jude”

Lena, Australia