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Sometimes I struggle to write

In which I attempt to write this blog post…

I had all kinds of bright ideas about what I was going to write this week – but then I woke up & they were gone…

So, you get this post instead. I do have a couple of other posts brewing, but they aren’t quite ready to be written yet.

And I said I was going to be honest and real, so, yeah… you get this post instead.

Struggling with what you love to do

It’s hard when you have to struggle with something that you usually love to do. It can feel like your usual love isn’t valid: “if it’s so hard, is it really love?” It can leave you drowning in angst and questioning your life choices (don’t ask how I know this 😜)

I really enjoy writing and blogging. It’s satisfying to nail that turn of phrase. It gives me great pleasure to share some of myself with you.

But it doesn’t always come easily…

Some weeks, the ideas and words flow like crazy – they demand that I write them on the page…

Not this week.

This is the week of “what the heck am I going to write?” and “oh lord, is it Friday already?”

I want you to know…

It’s okay to struggle!

It’s okay if the thing you love to do doesn’t come easily sometimes.

It doesn’t make your love for that thing-you-usually-enjoy any less.

Love is a kind of relationship – right?nd relationships – all relationships – ebb and flow, slide and struggle as they go. One moment you’re laughing with your lover, the next you’re arguing over who does the dishes…

This is normal!

And it is as normal in our relationships with what we do, as it is in our relationships with one other.

Relationships take work – there are hard times, as well as good times.

And sometimes we struggle a bit and question and it doesn’t come easy…

And sometimes it’s roses and delight and flow.

Let’s roll with it, dear hearts!

Let’s enjoy the ups and plough on through the downs and be honest about where we’re at.

Because it’s all a normal part of life’s rich tapestry…

(even if it sucks a bit, sometimes…)

So… be kind to yourselves – okay?!

and that’s all I’ve got for now


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