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Tuning into yourself

Amidst the myriad of voices in this world telling you who to be and what to do, it can be tricky to tune in to your own voice & your own soul.

We are socialised to pay attention to others, to listen to those we think of as authorities, to take others’ views into account.

Over time we can find that the fire of our soul has got buried under layers of ‘shoulds’, ‘ought tos’ and ‘just be sensibles’. The weight of others’ expectations and ideas of us can become a smothering blanket.

Yep, I’ve been there, too…

And I have some good news: your soul is still there. You can recover and let yourself shine. I know you can.

The bad news is it may not happen overnight (though miracles can occur). It takes some time and effort. It won’t always be easy and comfortable. And when you do find your soul, it may change your life…

But it is worth all this! You are worth all this!

So, how can you do this work?

Here’s some techniques I’ve used to uncover my soul and tune into myself:

Try some online assessment tools & personality quizzes

There’s lots of different options for personality assessments and other such quizzes. Two of my favourites are the Multiple Intelligences assessment and Myers-Briggs personality typing. Even the ‘just for fun’ quizzes can give you valuable insight. I’m especially fond of this one by Graphictional Design.

While an assessment or quiz can never capture the full complexity of your soul, it can give you insight into your whys and wherefores, and help you understand yourself and others.

Tip: your answers to individual questions can be clues as much as the final results.

Recall your childhood dreams & pleasures

Note: if you had an abusive or otherwise traumatic childhood, you may want to skip this one.

While there are bound to be parts of your childhood you’d rather forget, there are also clues lying in the happier memories – so let’s focus on those.

What do you remember loving doing as a young child? Did you have a favourite animal friend (be it pet or soft toy)? Did you make up imaginary friends or worlds? What were they like?

Tip: If you remember it vividly, then it’s likely to be significant to you. We tend to forget much of the less personally significant.

Explore your favourites

What is your favourite food, colour, animal, country, hobby….

Take a bit of extra time to interrogate your answers: answers are clues in themselves, but the real treasure is buried in the ‘why’. Ask WHY THIS? Why is this important? Why does it matter to me? Why is it my favourite? What does it bring to mind for me?

For example: my favourite colour is green (in all its shades except the really slimy ones) 💚 For me, it brings to mind growth, nature, trees, spring, calm. It is a colour that helps me feel relaxed, creative and joyful – that’s why my office/studio is painted green. I also feel it looks good on me 😉

Play with Pinterest

Once you know some of your favourites, you have some keywords you can use to search for images and add them to a special Pinterest board. If you’re not on Pinterest, you can do this with Google images and a folder or doc. If you hate computers, you’re probably not reading this, but you can collect magazines and hunt through them.

You’re looking for images that sing to your soul, that make you go “YES!!”

Don’t settle for anything less than that YES… You are worth far more than ‘meh’ or ‘I suppose’.

Pile up images using a bunch of different keywords and without thinking too much. You want at least 10 images, preferably more.

Once you’ve got a collection, go through the images. Delete any that aren’t a total YES.

Then just as you did with your favourites, we’re going to ask WHY: Why this image? Why does this appeal to me? What does it bring to mind for me? What about it calls to me?

Honour your preferences

Once you know more of what you like and want, use this knowledge to enrich your life:

  • Speak up about what you do and don’t like
  • Adjust your schedule to fit in more of what you love
  • Add splashes of your favourite colour to your house and your wardrobe
  • Enjoy more of the foods you love (especially the vegetables 😇)
  • Schedule visits to the places that restore your soul
  • and so on…

See how many different ways you can include your loves and your joys in your life. And come and tell us about them on the Verdant Mystic Facebook page.

✾ ✾ ✾

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