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What people say

“Thank you for your dedicated, personalized service that has helped bust through a whole lot of constrictions/bindings/blocks and cleared the ground for the next stage.
I don’t think it was a coincidence that I had a major creative shift shortly after the second session, and have started producing deeper, more intense art.
Thanks for everything.”

Catherine Wellington, New Zealand

“Jude is amazing!
We bought our house 1.5 years ago and it has always felt very toxic to me. The previous owner had cancer and before that their work dealt with trauma victims.
The energy in the house was stagnant, heavy, and dirty. I would often dread coming home and there were areas of the house I hated to be.
I am an empath and I started struggling. I felt like I was treading water all the time. Never getting anywhere.
I didn’t tell Jude any of this before our session but her report was spot on.
I can already feel things shifting and have a pile of great ideas I can implement to improve the process.
Thanks Jude!”

Beth Bunchman, USA

“This was a wonderful reading – thoughtful,  and incredibly insightful. Jude’s words were gentle (even though the cards weren’t!) and grounded, so I was able to apply them to my situation in a really practical way. Thank you so much, Jude.”

Lena, Australia

“Jude was very kind and understanding.
I felt so comfortable telling her about my creepy encounters.
She identified and cleared the negative energy, shared wonderful insights about the good energy, and helped heal the whole neighbourhood from the oppressive energy here.
Ever since my daughter hasn’t been scared to go upstairs, and I’ve felt so much more at ease!!
Thank you so much for your services, you’re amazing!!”

Nique, USA